Volleyball Canada Regional Excellence Program


The Volleyball Canada Regional Excellence Program develops the next generation of leaders in the volleyball community, who exemplify excellence both off and on the court.


Our Mission is to develop athletes across the Okanagan Region through excellent coaching and invested support staff. We work alongside high schools, clubs and provincial sport organizations to support athlete development at each level with the best eventually representing Canada.

Volleyball Canada Regional Excellence Program Kelowna

The Regional Excellence Program is a high performance volleyball training program run by a professional coaching staff, including UBC Okanagan Varsity coaches and athletes.  The Volleyball Canada Regional Excellence Program Head Coaches will lead the training sessions including core essential development curriculum, position specific training, small group training, assessment/evaluation and preparing / identifying athletes for the next level of performance.

Kelowna VC REP offers the Volleyball Canada Daytime Program for athletes in grades 8-12, who are able to commit to training on weekday mornings (Monday –Thursday from 7:00am – 9:00am at UBC Okanagan). Training options are available for athletes to train either 1 or 2 times per week.

Program Features Include:

  • Low athlete to coach ratio, individualized attention with an emphasis on skill development
  • Team Canada – Youth, Junior and National Team /Team BC Pathway athletes (Baden Cup, BC Summer Games, Committed Club)
  • Position specific development (unique & customized for athletes)
  • Video analysis to help evaluate / critic technique and positioning
  • Flexible training model that gives consideration to academic schedule regardless of the semester or linear scholastic models
  • Strength & Conditioning sessions, introducing the importance of off court training
  • Complementary to high school and club team participation, morning sessions do not interfere with team training times
  • Options available for credit towards graduation through various sport or leadership related courses

The program will consist of a volleyball curriculum as set out by Volleyball Canada and is designed to enhance both club and high school programs to meet LTAD training guidelines for the Training to Train and Learning to Compete age groups.  For more information on LTAD please see http://vcdm.org/vision/solutions/.

  • This program is designed to help prepare high performance athletes serious about the sport of volleyball who are looking to move on to Post Secondary teams and pursue their volleyball career.
  • Our Centre targets two separate Streams: Train to Train (Stream 1 – Grade 8-9) and Learn to Compete (Stream 2 & 3 – Grade 10-12) stages of athlete development.
  • Training is primarily based around skill development and low intensity repetitions.  This means that 1 coach will never be working with more than 6-8 athletes at one time, allowing for personal feedback and progress.
  • Training commitments include one – two training sessions per week during the duration of the program.
  • The program typically runs for 11 weeks in the Fall and 11 weeks in the Winter/Spring.
  • The VC REP includes a number of other features that complement High Performance development.  Physical assessments, testing and weight training and a variety of other assets for High Performance athletes to name a few.


For more information about our Volleyball Canada Regional Excellence Program, please send us an email at vcrep.ok@gmail.com


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